Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Upholstery CleaningSofa probably tops the ranking for the most used and loved upholstered furniture for all times. It is the place for taking a rest after long exhausting day of work, a place to watch movie, to gather your crew for a coffee, or a place that some friend can crash on if needed. This only means that your coach receives more stains and dirt than any other piece of furniture in your home, especially if you have kids or you are a pet owner. So taking good care of your upholstery and regularly cleaning is a must, if you want to keep it’s good appearance and comfort. It’s a good idea to clean your sofa with Christmas preparations.

6 Useful Tips On Sofa Upholstery Cleaning and Maintenance

  1.  Do you love comfortable cushions and have piles of them? If so, the first step that you need to take, before starting your upholstery routine is to take them all off the couch and vacuum thoroughly the surface and the sides using an upholstery attachment. Don’t forget that the cushions also need regular cleaning and maintenance. The best you can do is to wash them the same time you wash the sofa upholstery because there will be no difference between their colours’ brightness and no dirt will be transferred by them on the drapery.
  2.  Deal with heavily soiled areas by pre-treating them with upholstery foam cleaner. Checking the manufacturers’ labels in order to choose the most appropriate product for the certain kind of fabric is always a good idea and precaution measure – using wrong product can damage your furniture’s drapery.
  3.  Let the product on the spots work for a few minutes and after that rub it gently into the textile using a wet towel or cloth. If you notice that the cloth is getting dirty, change it with a new one.
  4.  Clean the whole surface of your sofa, using a proper upholstery cleaner. That will prevent the upholstery from differently coloured areas or spots. If you doubt your product isn’t the best one, always drop a bit of the prepared solution on a small, hidden place of the sofa to be sure that it won’t cause any discolouration or damage of the upholstery fabric.
  5.  After you’re done with cleaning the sofa vacuum the surface again to be sure that you’ve removed any excess quantities of the cleaning product. If your vacuum cleaner is not water filtration system, but ordinary one you can do this after furniture dries.
  6.  Let the sofa to air dry completely before sitting on it again. If not you could not only wet your clothes, but leave marks or cause damage to the upholstery.

If you don’t succeed to wash all the stains from the sofa or you just don’t have the time for whole routine, remember that you can always hire carpet-cleaning company. You could take advantage of their professional service not only for upholstery, but also with stains and dirt on the carpets and curtains at your home.



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